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Chop Gate Village Hall
Chop Gate Village Hall
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Welcome to our booking page.

You must be over 21yrs old to hire the hall.

Anyone can view and see whether or not a date and time is available in the booking area - just click on the "Booking System" button below.

When you click on a date and time in the Booking System you will be faced with a screen asking you to log in so if you have not been with us before you cannot go any further. Please return to this website booking page and complete the form below.
After a short time you will receive an acknowledgement email then sometime in the following two or three days you will be sent an email with a document attachment which will contain our conditions of hire and details of your booking. This form needs to be signed by the hirer and returned to us either by email or by post.
This form only needs to completed once.
If you are going to be a regular user of the hall you will be given a login to the booking system so you can make any subsequent bookings or cancellations through the booking system. If you are not going to be a regular then your booking should, hopefully, be confirmed and you will then receive further details.
If you are arranging a wedding or the like then you may need to have access to the hall prior to the event so you can plan your occassion. Initially, use the contact form on this booking page then further contact may well be carried out by phone with our Booking Clerk - Jess.

Items marked with a * must be completed. All others are optional.



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 Live Music Dancing Sale of goods
 Recorded Music Sale of alcohol None of the above
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